Idealise, conceptualise, design and implement the Green Earth Management ICDI principle, a unique service to owners, operators and developers of land. We form a bridge between the design and consultancy stage of any project and delivery at a site level.

The company was formed after 20 years of experience working as either a consultant or contractor with a number of construction companies involved in ground-works, demolition, asbestos survey/removal, environmental, geotechincal and brown-field remediation.

Previous experience within the nuclear waste and decommissioning and the oil industry gives us the advantages and know how to undertake any project. This experience brought a unique insight of how the works crosses over to the domain of consultancy and contractor within the construction industry, hence GEMCO was created to deliver the optimal solution to address any environmental solution on any project. A gap was bridged by bringing practical hands on experience with unparalleled technical ability.


GEMCO aims to provide European and Multinational clients with environmental solutions that identify and manage environmental risks and liabilities, maximise efficiency, reduce cost and achieve compliance with national and/or international standards.

Our network and expertise allows us to respond to our clients locally while bringing to bear national or international expertise, as needed. Our engineering strength differentiates us and provides a competitive advantage over traditional environmental consultancies. In short, we are more than capable to help with all your environmental needs.


Green Earth Management Company is a multifaceted environmental solutions company with a new approach to the provision of environmental services to the industry. We have build a breadth of experience within the construction and waste and energy field and this reflects the nature of services we offer.

Here at GEMCO we believe that the key to a successful delivery is early identification of all key aspect. Once identified, these key aspects can be managed to the full potential of the development taking full account of the wider context.