Green Earth Management Company (GEMCO) provided waste management licensing services and remediation project management to a National Home Builder and their project team during the development of a former allotment site in Ipswich.


The site poses a number of challenges; including soil contaminated with PAH and heavy metals which exceeded the site specific re-use limits. The topography of the site presented an opportunity to re-profile the area to provide a more suitable development layout. In addition to the soil contamination the site was infested with Japanese Knotweed and after un-successful treatment by others, GEMCO provided a realistic on-site solution to allow development works to progress un-hindered.

Over 20,000 cubic metres of unsuitable and contaminated fill materials were treated to remove the contamination. The resulting materials were subsequently graded to provide suitable engineering fill for use in the backfilling operations. Topsoil was also produced in accordance with WRAP protocols and verified suitable as a multi-grade topsoil in accordance with BS 3882 : 2007. During treatment, daily soil samples from the treated materials were collected and sent to an independent laboratory for testing. The testing requirements were tailored to the identified contaminants of concern, namely CLEA metals and Speciated PAH.

The results of the testing confirmed the success of the treatment methodology and the soils were deemed suitable for re-use in domestic properties with private gardens. The use of an on-site solution provided significant cost benefits to the client.

Provision of COTC Services to MTL Holder

GEMCO is in a position to provide a full remediation design and project management service, in addition to that our WAMITAB qualified COTC holders work with the client to ensure compliance with the waste management licence conditions. GEMCO also undertake environmental monitoring and advice on appropriate environmental controls to minimise environmental impact and nuisance to site neighbours.


Our representative visited the site on a regular basis to inspect the site in accordance with the regulations. The service included collection of samples for independent laboratory testing at MCERTs accredited laboratory.