Green Earth Management Company (GEMCO) provided specialist contracting services to a groundworks contractor for the on-site treatment of 3000 cubic metres of hydrocarbon contaminated soil.


The site is being developed by a National Home Builder for mixed residential end use. As part of the project it was necessary to decommission and backfill a former on site cooling pond. GEMCO pre-treated the sludge with stabilising agents before subsequent bioaugmentation to reduce the level of TPH to acceptable levels for the protection of human health and groundwater. In addition to the pond sludge treatment, contaminated soils from the remainder of the site were also treated by ex-situ bioremediation.Contamination levels within the sludge prior to treatment were in excess of 75,000mg/kg. Levels following treatment had recued to less than 2000mg/kg. treatment. The treatment took approximately 16 weeks from commencement to achieving the remedial target concentrations.

Soil samples from the treated materials were collected at regular intervals and sent
to an independent lab for testing. The testing requirements were tailored to the identified contaminants of concern, namely Speciated TPH. The works were permitted by the deployment of a Mobile Treatment License.

The works were independently supervised and validated by the developers environmental consultants.

Provision of Environmental Consultancy

GEMCO in addition to the soil treatment works provided advice and additional compliance testing to the ground worker with regard to geotechnical suitability.


In addition GEMCO assisted in identifying the most cost effective permitting route to enable the importation of soils for clean capping of site.

GEMCO use the services of fully accredited laboratories.