Brownfield Land Remediation

Green Earth Management offer realistic cost effective options for all brownfield land and redevelopment. Many brownfield sites have been contaminated by previous historical or industrial uses. We provide guidance on the ways to assess risks from land contamination and methods to remediate land where necessary. We work closely with the government, local authorities and industry to protect human health and the environment.

Achieving sustainable remediation of brownfield sites is highly challenging. The heterogeneous nature of ground conditions and contamination types, along with the existing social, ecological and archaeological resources on-site must be assessed. There is a need for community engagement and involvement, with the requirement to ensure that the restoration will deliver the desired functionality, all these require consideration from the outset.

We deliver a wide range of remedial technologies to provide the most suitable solution for our client’s needs. We also ensure that the most sustainable methods are used taking account of the site-specific context. GEMCO can act as consultants or project manager to deliver our clients the most appropriate service, we can assist throughout the preparation and bid stage of a project to design inventive solutions while still demonstrating cost benefits options.

Our personal experience includes the remediation of gas works, vehicle dismantlers, landfill, print works, fuel filling and storage depots. These sites have been contaminated with a variety heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, acid tars, organic compounds, explosive ordnance, radioactive materials and biological agents.