Geoenvironmental Consultancy

Green Earth Management offers an inclusive consultancy service for environmental and geotechnical disciplines. Our team of experts include environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists and chemists.

We are involved in advising clients from a variety of commercial, industrial and public sector industries covering all aspects of environmental protection, waste management, site investigation, site clearance and remediation.

All work is undertaken within the current industry guidance; both UK and European Union legislation. Excellent Project Management skills ensure our clients receive practical and cost effective consultancy. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a rapid turnaround in all aspects of our work.

Phase 1; (‘Desk Study’) commences at an early stage of the planning process and forms the basis of the preliminary Risk Assessment. The desk study can provide early identification of potential problems relating to historical, regulatory and environmental information. It can reduce the risk of unforeseen ground and site conditions and aid suitable scoping for the later stages of the site investigation. Phase I also includes a site walkover which complements the findings of the desk based study and includes details such as the topography, geology, hydrology, existing structures and contamination. Phase I also includes Environmental Due Diligence.

Phase 2; GEMCO can offer the design and undertaking of an intrusive investigation of brownfield and greenfield sites in order to obtain thorough information about the potential contamination on site. Intrusive investigations can include the following;

  • Drilling
  • Trial pitting
  • Installation and monitoring of wells
  • Soil/water sampling
  • Chemical testing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Report writing

Geotechnical assessments may be necessary for re-development such as ground gas investigation, soil infiltration and/or Flood Risk Assessment.